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Sep 10, 2018

In this episode we sit down with Unveil Your Wellness Mentor Virginia Reese and hear about her journey through health.

After being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in my mid-twenties, a formerly casual interest in health and wellness became my primary focus. My education and background in biological research gave me an advantage in navigating the complex maze of chronic illness. As I rebuilt my life and returned to working, my job with the nation's largest disability program gave me a perspective into the lives of many thousands of others who struggle to get well. This realization compelled me to want to help others on their journey to health. I want to use my training, knowledge and experience to assist my clients in becoming their best and healthiest selves. I will provide practical and actionable information, tools to achieve success and most importantly, hope for the future. My approach in working with clients includes targeting where they need support, empowering them to find the “advocate within themselves”, and by developing a new story around who they are and how they can live their healthiest, happiest life.  The journey to wellness can seem confusing and discouraging, but with the direction of a trained and empathetic guide, my clients will feel supported, strengthened and confident they can achieve their best selves.

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