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Jun 3, 2018

Twenty-eight-year-old Amaris Rivera (@amarisland) is an artist, a Taurus and a gem sorceress. “I have always felt an incredible bond with the earth,” says Amaris, who lives in San Diego, California. At just 2 years old, she kicked off her collection, picking up rocks from her own backyard or traveling with her family to rock hunt or even explore abandoned mines in search of new additions. “Their beauty and energy are undeniable,” she says of her connection to crystals and minerals. “Even if you don’t believe in their energetic, healing qualities, it’s impossible not to be in awe of the fact that these beautiful treasures grow naturally within our planet, over millions and millions of years.”

Amaris opened an online shop where people can shop for their own unique treasures and get in on the magic. “Working with crystals every day is an honor and total dream, and I love being surrounded by their energy,” she says.

Check out her shop HERE

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