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Nov 12, 2017

In this episode Adam and Vanessa talk about their recent visit to the Bulletproof Biohacking conference. 

This was the pitch...

What can you expect from the 5th Annual Bulletproof Conference? Boundary pushers, explorers, innovators and health and happiness industry experts coming together to offer cutting-edge information and experiences that can’t be had anywhere else. These three days of learning and experimenting are designed to be transformative, exciting, and game changing.

The 2017 Bulletproof Conference will feature a series of talks by leaders across a range of fields with an eye on optimizing human performance, recovery, and longevity. Scientists, researchers, medical specialists, New York Times best-selling authors and other biohacking experts will share provocative, informative, and inspiring presentations meant to invigorate you.

Of course, you won’t just listen to speakers, you’ll be able to experiment. Try neurofeedback, grab an IV vitamin cocktail, experience brand new hydrogen therapy, or play with any of the number of gadgets in our ‘biohacking wonderland’ Tech Hall. Explore the next-generation hands-on, including things you won't find anywhere else.

Besides boosting your performance, you’ll also get to hang out with thousands of people from your tribe. The Bulletproof Conference is a convergence of people who are pushing the limits of what the human mind and body can do. Discover how cross-pollination can get you to the next level.

Did it stack up?

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